Biography of Jack Kupferman

Jack Kupferman is an accomplished elder care professional, trained as an attorney, with a proven record of creating and implementing innovative strategies to assist programs and individuals in crisis. Jack brings to the Institute for Elder Resources 43 years of experience working with seniors, from his family's adult home upbringing to grass roots and in-depth government administrative and policy experience. Jack understands the diverse needs of seniors and excels in establishing a vision and identifying issues critical to ensuring success. His professional career spans decades of federal and local government experience in elder care as well as hands-on experience working with the elderly.

Jack's considerable talents include: program creation and enhancement, professionalization of program services, managing crisis situations through to resolution. Tenaciously committed to organizational and individual progress, he formulates and implements effective strategies for goal achievement, program restructuring, and obtaining necessary financial and other resources. Through the years, his finely honed ability to empathize and understand the motivations of individuals of all ages is an enormous assist in dealing with the issues of this population.

Jack has been a New Yorker for his entire life, born in the City, lived as a child in Rockland County and later spending his adult life in Manhattan. Passionate about the needs of seniors, he has made gerontology the focus of his career. He understands not only the extensive network of services and products for them, but more importantly, he knows how to get answers to questions for which he has no immediate answer. That is the crux of his venture, Institute for Elder Resources - Empowerment through Information.

After a career in public service, Jack has been inspired to bring his unique talents, expertise and perspective to a wider audience. He has developed a unique concept of delivering necessary information to seniors and their families through a multi media approach - Directory, Magazine, Internet, Consultation and other publications.

Serving as Director of Administrative Appeals for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Program of the NYC Department for the Aging, Jack has managed a professional and support staff, was the key strategist for program-related litigation, increased productivity by applying innovative policies and allocation of personnel, wrote comprehensive program regulations, conducted 100's of informal administrative hearings, was a deft troubleshooter for thousands of unique inquiries from the public.

Leading a grass roots non-profit agency serving the friendly visiting needs of seniors in lower Manhattan, Jack volunteered for more than a decade with Visiting Neighbors, Inc. From friendly visitor to President of the Board, Jack had first hand experience with the needs of the target populations. During periods of fiscal crisis, Jack served almost as an unpaid Executive Director while maintaining his full time employment.

Additionally, he has served on Advisory Panels on Senior Issues, held intern posts at the United States Administration on Aging, the Gerontological Society, Congressman Harold E. Ford of Tennessee.

His passion stems from his childhood at the Garnerville Home. At the family owned and run rest home for 35 frail seniors, Jack lived with and was exposed to all aspects of life for the elderly, including dealing with diminished capacity, hygiene, socializing, loneliness, medical treatment, transfer to hospitals, death and dying. He befriended, learned from, shepherded and enjoyed all 35 residents.