Brief Description
December 2002
Jack Kupferman, Founder, GERI Magazine

You know these common problems:

  • Aunt Sally, now aged 82, is still great fun, but she is finding it more difficult to handle her affairs. Even so, she began using the Internet last year. Where can she get information to plan for the future, while maximizing opportunities for an outstanding quality of life? She has always said, "I'm kicking my way to heaven! I was, and still am, a Ziegfeld girl!" Aside from Modern Maturity at the national level, what local publications suit her information needs?

  • The incredibly wide range of services and benefits available to seniors, most of which cannot be located easily, bewilders consumers of all ages. When confronted with planning for elder care issues or when in crisis, finding appropriate services is amazingly stressful.

The 937,857 seniors in New York City have spending power of $17 billion annually.

  • Among other things, New York City seniors and their families spend billions of dollars annually on such things as: vacation homes, health foods, real estate, living options, gifts and books, investments, remodeling, home furnishings, clothing, educational opportunities, travel, toys, automobiles and automotive service, computers, electronics, home care, pharmaceuticals, medical care and devices, alternative health care, legal and financial advice, insurance, social service assistance, fitness, personal grooming aids, collectibles and art, dining options, nutritional supplements, groceries, cultural activities, philanthropy, etc.

  • Seniors in NYC, as well as elsewhere, have redefined retirement. Most see it as an opportunity to explore new experiences and to enjoy a "third era" of life.

While the complexity of senior living and elder care has increased, information provided to the purchasers of such services has not kept pace.

GERI magazine is a new publication that will not just provide consumer information - but in-depth lifestyle and directory information attuned to the needs of today's New York seniors!

  • Only comprehensive advertising opportunity to reach NYC seniors and their families.
  • Detailed, careful researched resource directory
  • Entertaining, humorous and sometimes edgy, columns and departments.
  • Local, practical guidance on subjects of current importance, to both seniors and caregivers.
  • Readable, accessible and beautiful
  • Ancillary products that complement the GERI brand and reach further to the needs of this under recognized community.

America and New York City are experiencing one of the most significant demographic shifts in history, the "Age Wave." GERI intends on becoming an integral part of the aging community and can create a sustainable advantage as an information supplier (through various channels - print, Internet, personal), to serve as ally in obtaining the most effective solutions to difficult personal situations, and to address some of the recreational and social needs of this population.

  • 19 categories of endemic advertising have been identified to best reach this huge market.
  • Meticulous research in identifying consumer needs and carefully planned print, electronic, and ancillary products.

A successful launch of GERI magazine requires a phased approach to building core capabilities and reaching identified objectives.

GERI magazine "has legs" - a strong editorial concept that is ultimately practical, extendable to other media and needed by a growing (and increasingly more affluent) market.

We believe GERI magazine is a unique proposition, identifies an underserved niche, and is a publication that deserves to be a success.

  • Once established in New York City, and then the metropolitan market, editions of GERI will be developed and produced in other major metropolitan areas of the country.
  • We are forging ahead in getting necessary funding as quickly as possible.

Right now, GERI magazine seeks financing for its first year of operation and is concentrating on business development, fundraising and editorial development. We invite you to participate.

For further information, contact us.