Elder Resource NYC

Elder Resource NYC will be a twice-monthly e-mail newsletter for elder care professionals in New York City. It will provide timely news and policy items of interest as well as a directory of services and products important to an aging community in NYC. Written in a clear, condensed style and easily downloadable, Elder Resource NYC will provide maximum information in minimum space. Readers from health care and related fields, government, financial services, housing, non-profit, advocacy, law, social work, service delivery and clergy will learn about cross-disciplinary trends, issues and solutions. Editorial Direction Everyone who might conceivably be interested in this subject include most professionals from the fields listed above. In New York City, this potential readership is greater than 10,000 (averaging 1000 professionals/category listed above). A newsletter will address their needs by:

  1. Focusing on immediate issues of concerns to their client population
    1. Policy and Statutory Issues
    2. Changes in benefit programs
    3. Current Items in the general news
    4. Identify hard to locate, but useful and interesting, information online
    5. Staying abreast of current of current or upcoming research findings
    6. Learning about newly identified strategies to solve problems of NYC Seniors
      1. Step-by-Step Guide
      2. New or enhanced programs
      3. Items widely available, or more locally available

  2. Establishing a forum for elder care professionals to:
    1. Exchange viewpoints and perspectives
    2. Seek answers to thorny questions
    3. Establish professional contacts with other professionals
    4. Find employment
    5. Share knowledge (through submitted articles)
    6. Enhance professional career (through publication online)
    7. Learn where professional development seminars will be held

  3. Provide tools to help professionals more quickly resolve issues of concern to their clients
    1. Resource Directory on Specific Issues, focusing primarily on NYC resources

For further information, contact us.