GERI Magazine - for active senior citizens in the New York area

Where We Are Now

The current challenge for GERI magazine is to attract and secure qualified investors to launch publication in 2004. To properly evaluate the viability of the GERI magazine concept, we invite you to review our website and to request access to the password-secured GERI magazine business plan. If your preferred choice is paper version of the plan (as it is for many investors), please let us know.

After establishing itself in the New York City market, we believe GERI magazine lends itself to the sort of city-by-city expansion that has worked well with other regional health and mature market editorial products for senior citizens.

As we are looking for financing, we would be grateful for any advice you may have in this area. To request access to the Business Plan, please submit an application through the "Access to Business Plan" icon above.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Editorial Mission Statement

Empowerment through information is the guiding force for GERI, a magazine edited for New York City senior citizens and those family members who take an active role in making any essential life or buying decision. By providing direction to improve the quality of life in the areas of: health, travel, planning, finances, housing, family relations, technology, benefits and entitlements, transportation, recreation, personal interests or at-home services, our ultimate goal is that our readers "Grow Older Resourcefully." Featuring a comprehensive, yet objective and already evaluated listing of services, products and other important sources, GERI provides practical guidance on subjects of current importance through informative, in-depth, easily readable articles.